We were a small design studio focused on designing interactions and developing new products. We thought through making and used early prototyping and material exploration to feed our ideas.

Our focus on making as part of the design process meant we worked in a highly collaborative way with our clients. We often joined their existing multidisciplinary teams.

No two projects were the same, and we designed our approach depending on the brief.

We prototyped in software and hardware

Services we used to provide


Our research consisted of workshops, prototyping, or other kinds of research, depending what kinds of knowledge we needed. We summarised our findings in an accessible format, usually as short presentations.


We helped our clients develop new products and improve existing ones. Our ideas quickly became prototypes, letting our experimentation inform our approach. Depending on the brief we’d deliver prototypes, presentations, innovation workshops, and software / hardware products.

Read how we found ways to improve end of life care in the NHS through prototyping.

Education and training

We delivered educational workshops for design students and small teams, helping them understand design techniques or specific technologies and how to work with them.

Find out more about our Browser Prototyping workshop, which we ran at various universities and companies of all sizes.