A small consultancy that helps teams explore technology

We mix research, workshops and working code to help companies think about the future.

We’ve prototyped new products, investigated technology policy, taught people new digital skills and done a bunch of other stuff.

Improving Care

We joined Doteveryone for four months to help them explore how they could incorporate prototyping into their work. Our work centred on a project to see how technology could improve end of life care.


Bulletin is a bespoke internet-connected radio. Every fifteen minutes it airs a short collection of news, tweets and updates based on things Russell Davies is interested in.

Good Urban Cycling

Good Urban Co. have ideas on how to make getting around a city on a bike better. In two weeks we built a working prototype to test their ideas and to use as a platform for trying different wayfinding interfaces.

Apps for the City

We facilitated prototyping at a three-day workshop with teachers, academics and students to work out what apps the government could provide Mexican school children.

Wellcome Data Week

Wellcome Data Week was a short project exploring the Wellcome Collection’s archive. We were there to test how useful and accessible the digitised archive is to researchers, as well as prototype tools to access the collection.

We are Nat and Dan

We work with multidisciplinary teams, teach and speak publicly about our work and other interesting things.

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Nat and Dan